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Autumn Sunset-Colored Floral Swag

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Let's make an autumn sunset-colored handmade interior decoration!
The floral swag will be made using the features and the texture of dried flowers.

In this lesson, autumn colored dried flowers will be used to
teach you how to make a floral swag.

Floral swag is a type of wall decorations, originating in Germany.

It has gained popularity as an interior decoration recently due to the unique texture and atmosphere it brings.

Using such swags Instead of flower wreath and bouquet which have been traditionally used as decorations,
you can enjoy a whole different floral view in your room.

manami ooi will teach you how to make this fashionable interior item.

The process of making this is easy so even beginners can enjoy making this.

To maximize the full potential of dried flowers as interior decorations,

◯How to prepare the flowers
◯How to place the materials and points to remember
◯How to add movement to the flowers

will be included in the lesson.
Instead of just binging the flowers together, tips on how to make it a perfect swag
will be taught from the very basics by manami.

The theme of the interior swag this time is autumn sunset but
once you master how to make this, it can be arranged to however you want.

Please pick a theme and choose the flowers that suits most.

Pick according to the season or the atmosphere of the room.

Whether it's inside the house, the entrance, living room, the kitchen, or bathroom,
choose the appropriate flower and have fun making the floral swag!
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