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Autumn Wreath Made With Dried Flowers

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Learn how to create
a wreath with dried flowers, perfect for autumn interior decor!

In this lesson, Manami will teach
how to make a very autumn style wreath.

Manami gives tips on how to balance and distribute everything,
using colorful dried flowers in this arrangement which is perfect for this fall.

Wreaths are accessories
that bring the best of fall season into the room.

One wreath can totally change the entire atmosphere of the room with a seasonal accessory.

Manami's wreath is not about simply
adding dry flowers or foliage to the base.

It is about making it asymmetrical, showing the season through balance and colors.
You will learn how to make a stylish interior accessory in the Manami style.

◯How to fix flowers and foliage in the wreath with wire, and how to use glue for buds.
◯The right order of placing flowers and foliage.
◯Points to pay attention in order to distribute everything well.

And more tips are included in this lesson!

Once you master the points of making the Manami style wreath,
the number of arrangements you can do becomes unlimited!

You will be able to choose the flowers according to the season.

Since it is a simple process,
people at all levels can have fun making wreath.

Enjoy the tips and techniques,
and use your imagination to create something unique for each season!
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