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Karakara Dome

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The No.1 requested lesson is now available online!
Learn how to make a dome accessory which you can enjoy shaking!

In this lesson, you will learn how to make
the famous accessory always requested in Kinuyo Tomita's workshop; the Karakara (Shake-Shake) Dome.

Every time your finger moves, the dome's inside is shaked and makes a cute clattering sound.

Kinuyo will be making a dome that perfectly fits a nail from the beginning,
in a different way than how she makes the "Flower Dome".

The biggest point for the Karakara Dome is how you insert the parts inside the capsule.
It is more than just adding accessories and stones inside the globe.
There are tips on how to put the items correctly so they can move comfortably when it is shaken.

Kinuyo explains the theory while drawing figures, and demonstrates from the start to finish.

You will also learn:

◆How to create the perfect dome shape.
◆The secret to fit the dome perfectly on the nail.
◆Points to remember in order to give the dome a perfect glossy finish.

and more!

You will learn at your own pace,
how to make this original dome created by Kinuyo.

The best part of Karakara Dome is the variety of combinations you can make.

Once you master how to make the dome, you can change the inside,
and change the entire look of the accessory.

Karakara Dome is also good for an "accessory-prep".
Use your free time to make the dome beforehand, and be even more productive at your salon.

Learn the steps and challenge yourself by creating different types of Karakara Domes!
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