Learn by Tracing! Christmas Illustrations

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Learn the essential illustrations for the Christmas season!
The lesson comes with traceable illustration pdf sheets!

In this lesson, Fumika Ishiguro teaches you how to make cute Christmas illustrations.

Fumika shows many of her tips on drawing illustrations
that you can use for Christmas greeting cards and letters.

The illustrations may look simple, but there are many tips you need to learn
to get them cute and evenly balanced.

In this lesson, Fumika gives a thorough lesson on these tips,
as well as how to draw them easily and prettily.

These are the illustrations taught in the lesson.

1. Christmas sock
2. Christmas gift box
3. Star
4. Christmas tree
5. Santa hat
6. The face of Santa Claus
7. The body of Santa Claus
8. Different beards of Santa Claus
9. Snowman
10. Reindeer

Not only will you learn how to successfully make these illustrations in simple steps,
you will also learn tips to make them even better.

The lesson also comes with
traceable illustration pdf sheets, downloadable from this page.

You can trace and learn
as you go through the lesson.

You can print out the pdf as many times as you want,
so you can practice, practice and practice!

The illustrations themselves are simple and cute,
so you can try it out with kids!

Learn Fumika's simple yet pretty illustration styles,
and make your holiday cards fancier!

Once you've mastered the illustrations, learn how to make the cards!
"Have Fun making! Christmas Picture Cards!" is the best lesson to take your Christmas cards up a notch,
and to make your holiday season much more fun.
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