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Learn by Tracing! Halloween Illustrations

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PDF for tracing training attached!
Learn how to draw a Halloween themed art, great for Halloween Cards!

In this lesson, Fumika Ishiguro will teach you
how to draw cute Halloween illustrations.

Enjoy learning several Halloween themed arts
and use them on different occasions during this season.

It looks simple,
but there are a lot of points to learn in order to draw a balanced cute illustration:

Fumika teaches us during this 50 minutes lesson,
those important points with a lot of patience and care.

You will learn how to draw the following illustrations:


And after you learn how to draw them,
Fumika will teach how to write a Halloween style fonts.

You can download the PDF file to trace over,
and practice as many times you need watching the video lesson.

The illustration itself is simple and adorable,
a great training to do with your children as well!

Master how to draw these simple and cute arts by Fumika,
and use them in your Halloween cards, and during the holiday season!

After you learn how to draw these illustrations, it is time to make more items with them!
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Happy Halloween!
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