Nice and Smooth Brush Pen Drawing -Illustration-

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Once you've mastered the basic and advanced skills of brush pen drawing, try this lesson next!
Learn how to draw easy and cute illustrations.

In this lesson, the instructor, Ai Kishimoto will teach you
how to draw some stylish illustrations which will upgrade your brush pen letter design.

You can make a very fancy-looking card
simply by adding a little twist and adding some illustrations to your ordinary letter design.

In the previous lessons, you've already learned the basics of writing stylish letters
and some tips on how you can make your letters look more stylish.

On top of the stylish brush pen letters, let's master how to draw illustrations.

If you want to make your card look more stylish, then Ai's illustrations are so useful
because they are cute and easy to draw.

In this lesson, she explains:

STEP1:How to draw illustrations in letters
STEP2:How to draw illustrations in letters with no circles
STEP3:Tips on drawing illustrations in empty spaces
STEP4:Tips on adding directions to illustrations
STEP5:How to draw and play with motifs

You can greatly expand the range of your design with this lesson
since it explains many ways to add illustrations to a design.

With illustrations, you can express a feeling of the season or your own feelings to the person receiving or viewing your card
which can be very difficult to express with only letters.

You can make your card more pop and cute by simply adding illustrations of
the zodiac sign of the year to a New Year's card or presents to a birthday card.

It's guaranteed to make the recepient happy!

So try making a fancy-looking card with the illustrations you learn in this lesson
along with the brush pen letters you've already mastered!

※ This lesson doesn't include corrections from the instructor.
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