Nice and Smooth Brush Pen Drawing -Long Messages-

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After acquiring stylish calligraphy, let's work on your layouts!
Learn tips create the structure of long messages.

In this lesson, the instructor, Ai Kishimoto, will
teach you how to create the structure for long messages on your card.

You can learn how to write your messages
in well-balanced framework.

In prior lessons, we learned how to write stylish calligraphy.

When you have acquired calligraphy and have extended your expression,
let's work on the layout and make your card look stylish.

In this lesson, you will mainly learn about how to neatly lay out your messages
when you write a New Year's card or a thank you card.

By learning the framework,
you can make your card look more sophisticated.

The steps introduced in this lesson for long messages are as follows;

STEP 1:Dividing the message into 2 rows.
STEP 2:Dividing the message into 3 rows.
STEP 3:Trying out different shapes
STEP 4:Trying out different lines.
STEP 5:Trying out different layouts and usage of blank space.

The goal is to acquire these 5 techniques to
create a well-balanced card with long messages.

You can make your calligraphy look even more stylish just by changing the layout.

The look of the card changes depending on the layout,
so work on your layout thinking about who you are sending the card to!

You can use this tactic not only for cards but for various occasions,
such as restaurant menus, store advertisements, or posters as well.

Please tryout different kinds of calligraphy that matches the occasion!

※Personal correction is not included in this lesson.
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