Nice and Smooth Brush Pen Drawing -Short Messages-

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Once you have mastered the stylish letters, learn how to lay out the messages!
This tutorial shows you tips on the composition of short messages.

In this lesson, the instructor, Ai Kishimoto, will show you
how to arrange short messages on your card.

It will show you ways of creating a balanced
composition of letters.

In previous lessons, we have learned how to create stylish fonts.

Once you have expanded your font designs and range of expressions,
work on how to arrange each element on your card to create nice handmade greeting cards.

This video mainly shows techniques to
keep your short messages looking diverse and interesting.

Learning the techniques for composition let's you create even more sophisticated-looking cards.

This tutorial for writing short messages includes:

STEP 1: What is the most important tip for writing short messages?
STEP 2: Altering shapes
STEP 3: Removing spaces
STEP 4: Using letters of different sizes
STEP 5: Creating empty space on your composition

The goal in this lesson is to learn the 5 techniques for creating a card with short messages,
and be able to create a card with a balanced composition.

Different compositions give different looks to your cards.

The personality of your card depends on the composition,
so try out different arrangement according to the person you want to give your card to.

The techniques introduced in this lesson can also be applied to
creating restaurant menues, shop displays, and posters.

So create works with various looks depending on the occasion!

※Correction by Ai Kishimoto is not included in this lesson.
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