Nice and Smooth Brush Pen Drawing -Alphabets-

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A lesson for people who want to create stylish greeting cards!
Expand your alphabet design variations!

In this lesson, Ai Kishimoto will show you
ways to expand your alphabet design variations.

Apply the techniques you learned in the basic, intermediate, and advanced lessons
and expand your brush pen drawing ideas.

The fascinating thing about brush pen lettters is that you can give them
so many different personalities by changing their shapes.

Make different letters with different looks for the person you want to send your card to.

This video also shares tips
for arranging customized alphabets into a sentence.

It will show you how you can place the letters in a stylish layout
taking advantage of the arranged shape of each letter.

This alphabet tutorial includes:

STEP 1: Use one long line
STEP 2: Change brush strokes
STEP 3: Alter shapes and sizes
STEP 4: Change positions
STEP 5: Write alphabets vertically

The goal in this lesson is to learn various alphabet designs
and be able to create birthday cards and thank you cards.

Use these expressive, personalized letters
to write greeting cards for special occasions.

This lesson does not show designs for all the 26 letters of the alphabet,
but the techniques shown in the video are applicable to any letters.

It will surely add depth to your brush pen artworks.

Have fun creating a variety of your own letter designs,
and enjoy discovering different styles.

Create lots of different greeting cards for your friends and families!

※Correction by the instructor is not included in this lesson.
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