Nice and Smooth Brush Pen Drawing -Advanced-

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Start with this lesson if you are a beginner to calligraphy.

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① Create a greeting card using the techniques you learned in the tutorial.
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Downloadable font sample PDF available!
Let's learn how to draw a stylish background for your letter works

In this tutorial, you will learn how to prepare a background for your shodo work,
in order to make it look more fashionable.

You can create your own mood by adding a background to the works you've already learned to make.

By adding one extra effort on your works,
your postcard or letter will surely be a more heartwarming gift.

Outline of this advanced course will be as following:

STEP1: Tips for making a background design
STEP2: Applying a single color
STEP3: Applying two colors
STEP4: How to use "Usuzumi" (light black ink) for a background
STEP5: Background designs using lines

The goal of this lesson is to learn how to create various background designs
that a friend of yours will be delighted to receive them as a gift.

This is a must-see lesson to those who want to further utilize your brush pen techniques,
or to those who want to make an exquisite calligraphic card!

These backgrounds may seem easy and simple,
but there are some points that you must follow in order to make it well-balanced and stylish.

This lesson also comes with a special free gift
from the instructor.

Those who sign up for this video receive following items for free.
① "Season-themed color samples"
② Usuzumi (light black ink) background sample"

Colors that match the theme of each season are introduced as color samples.
Ai will explain which color matches which season and in what kind of occasions.

Try to make your own work with a background you like and with the techniques from the previous lessons.

Please enjoy brush pen drawing, making one and only gift for your family or friends.

After taking the lesson,
you will receive follow-up email full of valuable tips and information!

So after the lesson, please remember Ai's tips
and try to make outputs as much as possible.
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