Nice and Smooth Brush Pen Drawing -Basic-

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First 10 viewers can receive correction on their writing by Kishimoto!
Start with this lesson if you are a beginner to calligraphy.

In this lesson, Ai Kishimoto will teach the basics of calligraphy fonts.

From how to use a brush pen to methods of creating different types of lines,
Ai will share the tips for stylish calligraphy fonts in detail
in this 30-minute tutorial.

Both complete beginners and people with some prior experience
can learn and have fun through this lesson.

This basic tutorial includes:

STEP 1: How to use a brush pen
STEP 2: How to draw the 5 basic lines
STEP 3: How to combine lines and change fonts
STEP 4: The 3 tips for creating stylish fonts
STEP 5: Creating Birthday/Thank You cards

Start by getting used to writing with a brush pen,
and finish by creating a greeting card using calligraphy fonts.

Some of you may not be confident with writing
or wish you had better handwriting,
but when it comes to calligraphy fonts, neat handwriting is actually not required.

After learning the tips Ai shares in this video
anyone will easily be able to write stylish calligraphy fonts.

This lesson also comes with a special free gift
from the instructor, Ai Kishimoto.

Those who sign up for this video receive a free composition sample for a Thank You card.

Once you master the basics of calligraphy fonts, use this composition sample
to create a greeting card.

Have fun learning the calligraphy font
as you think of your close ones receiving the card!
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erikaさん とてもいい感じに、可愛らしさが出ていますね😊線のバリエーションもうまく使いこなせています!!すごい! アドバイスは星印4点です😊 よかったら参考にしてみてください!

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