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Chocolate Swirl Bread

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Learn how to bake a Chocolate Swirl Bread!
This is the next step after mastering the basic dough and the chocolate fold-in sheet.

In this lesson, you will use what you learned in the previous videos;
the dough and the chocolate fold-in sheet and bake a chocolate swirl bread.

The instructor, sakunana combines fun with technique,
making the cooking lessons easy and fun for everyone including beginners.

One of the biggest features of swirl bread
is the spiral pattern and the different toppings you can use to decorate.

The way you seal the chocolate fold-in sheet and stretch the dough
determines how beautiful the spiral pattern in the bread will be.

You will see the instructor teaching by example,
showing you even the small details such as how to use the rolling pin.

You will also learn:

◯Things to pay attention to when cutting the bread to give it a good finish.
◯Correct time and temperature for baking and fermentation.
◯How to brush your bread with beaten egg to give it a glaze effect.

and more!

Learn with sakunana all the tricks
to make a marble pattern on your swirl bread.

The steps in this lesson are explained in details,
which makes the recipe easy for beginner bakers as well.

Once you master this recipe, the variations become endless!

You can change the fold-in sheet in this recipe,
so you can try baking swirl loaves in different flavors as well!

Master all the tricks baking this chocolate swirl bread,
and have fun experimenting with different ingredients!

If you still have not learned how to make the chocolate fold-in sheet,
You can find the lessonhere
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