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agate Wire Parts

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Produce agate's texture and realistic colors!
The instructor mayu is going to lecture on gemstone nail art using wires

In this lesson, mayu will be pursuing the realness of agate nails, just by using wires and gel.
She is going to make an elaborate and complex designed art, but with a simple technique.

This design could be part of your everyday fashion and very fashionable, like all mayu's designs.
She will be using a combination of the trendy gemstone nail and wires.

One of the biggest attractions of this design, is creating the cracked texture on the nail.

In this lesson, she will lecture on ways to create this texture easily.
She will be explaining not only the ways to make the cracks,
but also how to blend the the cracks and the non-cracked areas.

Other lectures :

◆Ways of making the base art to emphasize agate
◆Ways to color so it would give agate its real touch
◆The thickness of the wire and the reasons why
◆How to make the wire fit on the nails
◆One small twist to improve the quality

She will be explaining in details for about 1 hours and 20 minutes.

She will be using blue colors for this lesson, but may be used with other colors as well.

Once you master the method, you can use various colors to make a beautiful agate look.
The colors could vary according to the customers favor, or even season so come and challenge with different colors.

Make use of various colors of wire parts of agate in your salon,
by mastering mayu's stylish wire art.

Music in this Video: A Drive By Alone (Lorde Vs. Train) by Jeremy Turnbull
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