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Acrylic de Kitten Nail Art -Advanced-

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Super detailed hand-painted nail art with acrylic paint!
This tutorial teaches how to paint a girly kitten design!

This advanced kitten art tutorial shows how to draw
a detailed cat design using only acrylic paint.

It shows the process of making a realistic, yet adorable cat design
using various colors.

The focus of this cat design is the delicate details of the fur.
How to mix paints to add streaks of color to the fur becomes the most important point.

If you add too much color, the fine details get covered and it becomes too casual.
But if you add too little color, you cannot create the detailed look either.

This lesson shows topics such as realistic color schemes and how to draw the lines on the fur
to create a detailed design of a cat.

It also includes:

◯How to move brush to make fine lines
◯How to select a color for outlining the cat's eyes
◯How to evenly draw the cat's pupils

It contains various tips and points,
and uses everything learned in the basic and the intermediate lessons to draw an advanced design of a cat.

Sasagawa also teaches how to paint the background design in the last half of the tutorial.

She explains how to add patterns to the background
and bring the designs together in a short period of time.

Adding patterns to the background with the right level of darkness
enhances the painting and gives a more detailed hand-painted look.

So learn both how to paint the cat and how to add a design to the background!

The look of the design will be different depending on the color,
so try using various colors and make different designs.
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