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Gel & Acrylic de Kitten Nail Art -Intermediate-

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Hand-painted nail art using gel and acrylic paint!
This tutorial teaches how to create a detailed design of a cat, taking advantage of the characteristics of both gel and acrylic paint!

This intermediate kitten art tutorial shows the use of gel and acrylic paint
through a demonstration of how to make a shouting kitten design.

The shouting kitten design is made utilizing the characteristics of
both gel and acrylic paint to create a detailed design.

The lesson explains in detail various topics,
such as the advantages of acrylic paints and where to use gel.

It also includes:

◯Points to remember when using acrylic paint on the nail
◯Tips for creating realistic and natural-looking fur and coat
◯How to move brush to make fine lines.

It contains various tips and points,

and also shows how to dilute acrylic paint and the way to maintain moisture.

This lesson demonstrates the process of painting a kitten with a pink fur
but you can alter the color in any way you like.

Understanding the characteristics of both mediums
lets you create a variety of nail designs.

Once you have learned the use of the two mediums,
try making other nail designs using gel and acrylic paint.

If you are new to acrylic hand-painted nail art,
try incorporating it into your nail designs by combining with gel first.

Once you have mastered the techniques in the intermediate tutorial,
try making a super detailed nail art from the advanced lesson!
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