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Gel de Kitten Nail Art -Basic-

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Detailed, hand-painted gel nail art!
This tutorial teaches different brush strokes and tips for mixing colors.

This is a basic tutorial for painting a cat using gel polish.
It introduces the basics of hand-painted nail art, through a demonstration of making a brown cat design.

The key to hand-painted art is attention to details.

By incorporating fine lines and colors, you can create a high-quality nail design
that would be normally difficult to achieve in hand-painted designs.

Sometimes, the designs with hand-drawn illustrations can be too sweet.
But by giving attention to the details, it will be cute enough but not childish.

This lesson shows how to draw these fine details
and tips for making the motif look more realistic.
It introduces plenty of tips for creating a hand-painted nail design.

The lesson also includes:

◯How to make a gradient on the face
◯The position of the eyes and the nose for a cute look
◯How to bring out the neon colors

It contains various tips and points, and
even hand-painted art beginners can easily follow and learn.

Once you have learn the techniques in the basic tutorial, apply what you learned and try making different designs.

Alter the colors of the fur, the eyes, or the ears,
or change the expression of the kitten to create various cute designs.

The design of the cat looks different depending on the color and the expression,
so create different designs according to your clients' preferences.

This look can be done with the gel you have at home,
so those of you new to hand-painted designs should also give it a try.

Once you have finished the basic lesson, watch the intermediate lesson and try making a design using gel and acrylic paint!