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So Easy! Turn Nail Stickers Into 3D Decoration Pieces

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This tutorial shows how to turn nail stickers into 3D decoration pieces!

This lesson demonstrates how to make 3D nail decoration pieces
using the "cosplay cat" nail stickers natsuki sasagawa designed.

With this tutorial, you can make more use of your ordinary nail stickers.

Nail stickers have cute colors and detailed lines.
Use them as nail decorations, not only by placing over nails
but also by turning them into 3D decoration pieces.

Anyone can easily make these decoration pieces as long as there are nail stickers and the resin.
They are very useful in salon work also.

These decoration pieces can be made in batches for later use.
They are time-saving, smart items to have.

This lesson doesn't simply explain
how to make stickers into 3D pieces.

It also explains how to add colors on the outline to make them look more attractive.

The lesson also introduces:

◯How to add colors neatly on the outline
◯How to create more depth
◯Ways to make different designs

It includes various point and tips.

3D decoration pieces are cute, practical, and easy to make, so I hope everyone gives it a try!

In this lesson the instructor demonstrates the process of making a decoration piece with a pink outline,
but the design can be altered in so many different ways.

The color of the outline can be changed according to the nail design you want to make.
They are very versatile and adaptable to different nail art.
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