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Popping-Up TOBACCO Art🚬

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The popular nail art lesson is now available online!
This lesson tells you how to make the most requested piece of nail art, pop-up tobacco!

In this lesson, we will make a very popular
nail art design by instructor Natsuki, a 3D tobacco part.

Many of you must be wondering how to make the tobacco part,
one of the most popular 3D art designs by Natsuki.

This lesson answers all of such questions you may have.

The way of making it is unexpectedly easy
and she will instantly create the tabacco part with a realistic texture.

♦︎ Items you need for a quick finish
♦︎ A recommended reference to create a realistic texture.
♦︎ How to create a brown part of a live cigarette easily
♦︎ How to draw lines for making an elaborate finish

etc. She will explain those mentioned above mainly.

This lesson tells you instructor Natsuki’s original way of making,
which is easy even for those who are not good at making 3D parts.

It’s absolutely worth seeing her quick way of creating a burning part of a cigarette.

In this lesson, the art is attached on a nail, but you can also make it separately for a future use.
You can make your working hours shorter by making parts in your spare time.

She makes a white cigarette with a light blue wrapping in this lesson,
but you can choose whatever colors you like.

Once you master the way of making it,
you can try using a standard brown or a pop pink.
Go ahead and choose whatever colors you like for your original artwork.

It’s also handy that you can make it in different sizes.

Small or big ones,
just enjoy making tobacco art pieces of various sizes!
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