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Painting Pansies with Watercolor

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Want to begin watercolor? This is the exact lesson you should be looking for!
Learn how to draw pansies with simple basic techniques.

In this lesson, the lecturer Farah shows you
basic watercolor techniques as she draws pansies with paint.

Watercolor is a type of paint that is water-soluble, or the art of painting with the medium.

You might not think watercolor is something you can just try out,
but once you do, you'll soon be fascinated with its incredible flexibility and freedom.

And this is exactly what Farah is going to be demonstrating here.
With her lucid explanations, the Malaysian watercolor artist will encourage you to start off your watercolor journey.

As she draws pansy petals, stems and leaves, she goes into
a lot of details such as how to motion your brush, how to make a contrast etc.

And so this is the first step,
for you to become a fellow watercolor artist as Farah is.

In the lesson video, you are going to be learning...

◯How to overlay colors around the center of the flowers
◯Knach of expressing flowers' freshness
◯Points to note when drawing in leaves and stems

among many other things.

This is challenging just enough for beginners to have fun and learn.

After mastering these techniques,
you can draw other different flowers than pansies.

Many of the tips she gives can be applied in drawing other florals:
the order of drawing each part of a flower, how to draw various types of leaves, etc.
So please definitely try them out on any flower you'd love to paint!

If you have tried this type of art just a little, or really never done before, it doesn't matter.
Farah is here to give you a supportive push and guide you through your first watercolor episode.
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