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Petite Bouquet for Casual Gifts

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Perfect gift on invitation or casual occasions.
The instructor introduce you how to make a cute little petit bouquet.

This lesson tells you how to make a mallow style petit bouquet.
We will make a small bouquet that is definitely useful in various occasions.

This handy petit bouquet is perfect for beginners of flower arrangements
who have been wanting to try making a bouquet.

It’s easier than a normal bouquet
since it's smaller.

What’s important in a mallow style bouquet is to create an exquisite motion.
We will finish it with a strong presence in spite of its small size by giving a 3D appearance and roundness.

Also, the instructor will tell you:

○ Things to keep in mind for finishing it with a beautiful shape
○ Rules for balancing accent flowers
○ How to tie a hemp cord to keep its beautiful shape you've made

The lesson is so simple and to the point
that it makes you want to start making it right away.

Since it’s a gift bouquet, the instructor teaches you
a wrapping process as well after finishing the bouquet.

So you can even master a mallow style wrapping method.

As it also explains the way of holding water, placing wax papers one upon another, and so on
beginners can easily try to make the gift bouquet.

Please give it a try and enjoy sending flowers.
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