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Mallow's at Home-Bouquet of Lisianthus and Cockscomb-

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Now you can take Mallow's flower lessons online!
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This lesson tells you how to make a basic bouquet
using cockscomb and lisianthus.

It tells you how to make a Mallow style bouquet
in a simple way so even beginners can give it a try.

A bouquet, meaning a bunch of flowers in French,
is such a classic work in flower arrangement.

A bouquet works as a wonderful interior in your room
as you can make it with various kinds of flowers.

You can make your own special bouquet designed by yourself.

Once you master the basic way of making it,
you can utilize it for various scenes by using different kinds of flowers.

In this lesson, the instructor will tell you:

○ Tips for preparation of flowers depending on their shapes to create a beautiful bundle
○ Tips for making a bouquet with motion
○ Things to keep in mind to improve a finished quality

etc. while explaining how to make a Mallow style bouquet.
With this lesson alone, you can master the way of making a Mallow style bouquet
you can use as an interior from scratch.

Once you've mastered the way, try to make one with various kinds of flowers!

You can use your favorite colors,
or choose some flowers which suit the atmosphere of your room.

Arrangements of a bouquet are infinite.
So please try making a lot by using various kinds of flowers.

After having mastered the basic way,
go ahead and try the “petit gift bouquet” lesson here as well!
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