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How to Draw A Black-haired Girl Day.3

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Lesson Set Recommended!


After inking, this is the last lesson!
Finish the illustration by filling in the hair and eyes.

In this lesson, you will learn how to color in an illustration
with the paid drawing software Paint Tool SAI.

Color in a drafted and inked illustration.

This time it's a black and white digital illustration, so it'll be colored in with black,
but you can also fill it in with other colors by changing the settings,
so you can use the techniques in this lesson for other illustrations as well.

While seeing the mouse move,
you will be able to see how Gomen actually colors in the illustration.

While coloring in with paid drawing software Paint Tool SAI,
add finishing touches to small details such as the background and facial expression.

Other than that,

◯How to give the hair shine
◯How to put in shadows that are important in monochromatic illustrations
◯How to draw tears and teary eyes when crying

and much more will be explained.

You will see how Gomen adds finishing touches to an illustration without any cuts.

You will actually see the movement of the mouse
and the steps for adding finishing touches,
so those who want to improve should definitely watch this lesson.

Once you start the lesson, you will be able to rewatch it as many times as you want,
so beginners can rewatch and replay this while drawing.

There is also a set of 3 videos available that's better value than 3 individual lessons!
For those that want to learn from the drafting process, the set is recommended!
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