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How to Apply Transfer Paper to the Whole Surface of a Saucer

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Learn how to neatly cover the whole cup and saucer!
This lesson will teach you how to stick elegant monochrome transfer paper on tableware.

La Clochette Rose's iconic designs!

In this lesson, you'll learn how to use monochrome transfer paper to easily decorate a whole piece of tableware!

Porcelain dishes are popular for how easy they are to decorate.

With many kinds of transfer papers available these days, it's becoming a new kind of hobby.

A skill new porcelain decorators should learn is how to properly apply transfer paper to the whole piece of tableware.
By mastering the full application of transfer paper onto saucers, the scope of your works will widen.

Sayuli mentioned, "I made this video to spread the joy and beauty
of decorating saucers!"

In this lesson, you'll learn how to neatly apply transfer paper to a whole saucer plate with the proper techniques.

Sayuli's transfer paper application techniques for cups and saucers are often asked about in seminars.

Their finish is so beautiful that sometimes they're mistaken as lacquered tableware.

Sayuli had only been teaching her skills in her lesson seminars, but now you can know her secrets through this online lesson!

Once you master this skill, the scope of your design variations will widen infinitely.
You could use Arabesque or damask patterns just for the cup, and create original tea sets.

Master transfer paper application for cups and saucers, and use your new skill for your future projects!
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