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How to Draw A Black-haired Girl Day.2

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After you've finished the draft, this is the next lesson!
You will be inking the illustration based on the rough draft.

In this lesson, you will learn how to use the paid drawing software Paint Tool SAI
to learn how to ink.

Inking refers to drawing lines that compose the character
based on the draft.

The rough draft is only a draft, and won't be used in the finished illustration.
The draft is only a guide for inking.

Based on the draft completed from the previous lesson,
you will be able to see how Gomen does the inking,
which is said to be the most important process in illustration.

While inking with the paid drawing software Paint Tool SAI, you can also learn

◯How to change the settings for brush size and stability when inking
◯The initial one extra step you need to take to erase mistakes when inking
◯How to make sure the finished illustration will be well balanced

and much more.

Gomen's inking process will be shown without any cuts.

You will be able to see the movement of the mouse
and order for inking,
so those who want to improve should definitely watch this lesson.

Once you start the lesson, you can rewatch it as many times as you want,
so beginners should replay and rewatch it while drawing.

For those who haven't mastered the rough draft, you can start the lesson here.

After mastering Day.2 Inking, there a lesson on finishing touches,
move on to Day.3 Coloring to finish the illustration!
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