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Japanese Hospitality -Fall Table Setting-

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This tutorial shows a table setting and hospitality recipes
with the "Japanese hospitality for fall" theme.

It guides you through everything you need to know from how to
place napkins and chopsticks rest to recipes perfect for the fall season.

Hospitality starts with a table setting.

The dishes you serve, and the flowers and candles you decorate the table with,
all represent your hospitality towards the guests.

Considering a good balance and combinations of items, rather than
randomly placing them on the table, creates a beautiful, well-thought-out table.

This lesson explains how to show Japanese hospitality
through a demonstration of a Japanese style table setting.

◆How to make fall chopsticks sleeves
◆How to place trays
◆How to fold napkins
◆Tips for creating a well-balanced Japanese table setting

In addition to the above points, this tutorial also shows
Japanese color schemes used in decorations.

In the last half of the tutorial
fall Japanese hospitality foods are introduced.

◯Octopus and vegetables with citrus soy sauce jelly
◯Shirasu & shiso mixed rice
◯Dressed spinach and grilled shiitake
◯Garlic & ginger flavored chicken wings

These four recipes are shared in this tutorial.
The lesson also comes with Yamamoto Yukiko sensei's original recipe PDF!

A table setting may sound difficult, but
learning Yukiko Yamamoto's tips for the arrangement
lets you have fun doing so.

So master the table setting skills for fall
and try setting your own table!

In another tutorial "Garden Style Table Setting"
a Western-style table setting is introduced, including the basics
such as how to cover a table with tablecloth and placing cutleries.
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