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Decorating Hair Barrette with Resin

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Create your very own hair barrette!
This lesson shows how to decorate a barrette using resin.

This lesson explains how to decorate a hair barrette
using pressed pansy flowers and resin.

Place pansies on the gold barrette and create a design
that looks as if it's a section of a floral pattern.

Create a truly one-of-a-kind barrette
by decorating it from scratch!

As Miyuki Mikami creates the barrette, she will show you
how to make a design that looks as if
it's a section of a floral pattern
and tips for decorating curved objects with resin.

It also includes:

◆ How to place flowers according to the shape of a barrette
◆ How to reattach raised petals
◆ A procedure for removing bumps
◆ How to apply resin to get a flat smooth surface

Various tips including above are shared with you.
This tutorial not only shows how to decorate
but also many tips and points for getting a clean finish for the product.

While yellow and purple pansies are used in this lesson
what you use for your own design is up to you!

You can create different kinds of barrettes depending on the type and the color of the flowers you choose.

Swarovski crystals and rhinestones also look nice on the barrette.
Use different colors and quantities and create different looks.

Master the resin decoration and
have fun creating your very own hair barrette!
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