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Compact Mirror Decorated with Resin

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The only one compact mirror of your own!
A lecture on how to decorate compact mirrors using resin.

In this lesson,
Miyuki Mikami will teach how to decorate your original compact mirror
very cute, by using UV resin.

Transform your simple compact mirror to your own design.
Decorate it beautifully by using transfer sheets and pressed flowers.

In order to finish up beautifully, applying transfer paper and pressed flower
will not be the only factor, but, the ways to apply resin and its process are very important.

In this lesson, Miyuki
will lecture in details, on how to paint and ways to fix resin to finish beautifully.

Some of other points to remember:

◯How to use transfer sheets
◯How to put pressed flowers and tips for overlapping pressed flowers
◯One extra step to make it look cute

By taking this lesson, you will be able to expand the variation of decorations.

Once you master how to decorate, the arrangements will be infinite.

By using various designs of transfer papers and pressed flower,
you will be able to create different types of compact mirrors.

You could use pink colors to give a feminine touch to the compact mirror,
or use blue colors to make a refreshing look.

If you get a hang of how apply resin and finish up the piece beautifully,
you will be able to use these techniques on other materials.

In this lesson, learn how to be able to decorate rounded shaped objects
so go ahead and design lots of other compact mirrors.
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