How to use Frames

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○This lesson is designed for those who have completed the following lessons:
Attaching Metal Parts to Accessories
Basics of Metal Parts

Infinite variations!
This lesson will teach you how to create classic frame accessory parts!

If you want to become a master at using frames, this lesson is for you!
This lesson will teach you the necessary techniques for using frames in your accessories.

Frames are a staple in the crafting community.
With many shapes available these days, you can arrange them in a variety of ways.

This lesson includes great tips and techniques on using frames for beginner crafters.

Once you master these skills, the scope of your arrangements will widen.
The basics will be covered in detail.

◆How to make the background
◆How to eye how much resin is needed
◆How to avoid air bubbles
◆How to spread crushed shells evenly throughout the frame

These and other tips that will help you create high quality accessory pieces are included in this lesson.

Look forward to pepe's tips as well. Make your designs one step closer to a pro's!

This lesson uses crushed shells, but changing the size and color of the shells can give you a completely different look.

Try creating your own wonderful design by changing the types of decorations you use.

Take this opportunity to master using frames, and apply your new skills to your future crafts!