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Smartphone Case Decorated with Resin

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Learn how to decorate a smartphone case with resin and pressed flowers!
And create your own original design!

In this lesson, you will learn how to decorate a
notebook type smartphone case using pressed hydrangea and resin.

You can customize your smartphone case exactly how you like it.

Have you ever felt like creating your own phone case
but thought that it was too hard to even give it a try?

In this lesson, you will use pressed flowers,
but you will learn the process so you can customize it with other different items.

This lesson will be taught by Ms. Mikami,
who will give you a wide range of inspiration for decorations.

You will learn how to use the pressed flowers, how to apply the glitter but also:

◆ Tips on how to use your brush correctly to paint resin.
◆ How to fix a painting mistake and how to use correction tools.
◆ Tips on how to arrange pressed hydrangea flowers on top of each other.

And more! Miyuki will teach you how to finish your phone case beautifully.

Once you learn the process, you can create as many designs as you want!
You can use not only hydrangea but also pansies, clovers, violet to customize your phone case!

Give your phone case different looks by using
flowers and glitter with rhinestones.

Depending on the smartphone case color, the decoration style can change a lot!
Can you imagine how many good gifts you could give?

Master how to make your own and customize a lot of phone cases!