Hand Lettering for Logos

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After mastering Hand Lettering techniques, it is time to try create Logos!
Before creating a vector logo in Adobe Illustrator, let's work on the design!

In this lesson, you will use all the techniques you learned in the last lessons
including the basic strokes, the letterforms, the tracing method,
and create the design for your future vector logo.

Before using Adobe Illustrator to vectorize your logo,
it is necessary to first create a good design.

You might want to get right into Adobe Illustrator to make a logo, but it's not really useful if you have no idea what you're going to draw.
That is why you will first design your logo in a physical sketch.

You can play with serifs, work on the width of your letters,
explore different options for your logo and then
open it in your computer to give it final touches.

You will be able to create your own original logo
by just applying some of the techniques you have learned.

Here you will learn how to brainstorm the design,
which is the first step to creating a beautiful logo.

◆How to evenly balance and distributed your letters.
◆How to keep the style of all the letters consistent.
◆How to add depth and dimension to the letters.

You will learn those tips, among many others in this lesson!

Depth and dimension have a great impact on hand lettering works and play with the perception of your audience. So pay attention to this technique that will make your work stand out!

James gives amazing tips on how you can brainstorm the design of your logo.
So don't miss out!

In the next lesson, Vectorizing Your Logo, you will head to the production of your logo.
You will open your draft in Adobe Illustrator and complete your logo by digitizing it.

Enjoy creating your own original logo!
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