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Bringing Elements Together

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Finishing your Hand Lettering Piece!
Learn how to finish off your hand lettering composition.

In this lesson, you will finish off the structure you made from Compositions and the piece you created from the lesson
Brush Calligraphy Application to the Composition.

It will be the opportunity to put in practice the serif,
and all the skills you have learned so far from the past lessons.

In the first half of the lesson, you will be finalizing the center of the design,
the word "WITH", and in the second half, you will finish off the word "JAMES LEWIS".

You will review all the points you have been taught,
and learn with James how to go about the final parts of your composition.

James will also show you:

◆How to correctly fill in crossed over parts in the letter.
◆How to actually make your composition dynamic.
◆The best timing to fill in your layout which helps you to avoid mistakes.

... among many others!

James explains in details the tricks and points to complete your piece with high quality.

Mastering the art of hand lettering
allows you to creatively express different feelings in your own style.

The techniques you learned in the past lessons, and what you will learn in this episode,
open pathways for you to create a wider variety of artwork, so make sure to master the tips given in the course!

After becoming proficient in the technique,
challenge yourself by trying to write your name and your favorite words.

In the next lesson, Hand Lettering for Logos, you will take a step further,
and learn how to design a vector logo!
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