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Letter Frame Grid Tutorial

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This is the next step after practicing serifs!
Put everything you learned into practice, at a larger scale!

In this lesson, you will draw letterforms on a much larger scale than what you have been done, using the help of a graph paper.

You will put in practice all the techniques you learned:
the basic strokes that form the alphabet, the serif, and write full words.

This time, you will practice writing the word "NAME".
Different from past lessons, you will use a grid paper to draw it BIG.

With hand lettering, the intention is to always "show" your art instead of making others "read" it.
So you will probably find yourself often times creating letterforms at a large scale for your work.

It is hard to suddenly start drawing big letters if you have never done it before.
Therefore, make sure to practice it, and get the confidence for succeeding in future works!

In this lesson, you will mainly learn how to make the best use of
graph paper, which is essential for drawing large letters.

And there is more!

◆How can you arrange letters with different shapes, so space is equally distributed?
◆How are symmetrical compositions drawn?
◆Is it possible to draw horizontal lines, vertical lines and diagonal lines with the same width?

You will learn all the answers to the questions above, and much more!

James will teach and show how to draw at the same time.

Without a guide sheet, it is a lot harder
to keep track of things like proportion and symmetry.
So make sure to start practicing with the help of a graph paper.

After you practice drawing letters using a grid, you will learn in the next lesson Bringing Elements Together,
how to transfer it to your work paper. So there is no rush in being able to draw on the white paper at once.

if you have mastered already this technique, please keep practicing it using different words.
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