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How to use Meal Dishes

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○This lesson is designed for those who have completed the following lessons:
Attaching Metal Parts to Accessories
Basics of Metal Parts

Make a one-of-a-kind accessory with a meal dish!
This lesson will teach beginners how to make decorative meal place pieces!

This lesson will teach you how to create accessory pieces with meal dishes.
Meal dishes give you infinite possibilities for designs.

Many crafters love using meal dishes for their creations.

They are very easy to arrange and decorate as you like. Their popularity is due to their usability.

However, you may find people saying

"It's hard to make designs stand out on this flat surface!"
"The air bubble in my design ruined my work!"

Regretful experiences like these are fairly common.

In this lesson, techniques for properly creating accessory pieces with meal dishes will be taught in detail.

◆How to remove air bubbles
◆How to cure the resin without turning it yellow
◆How to shape the surface into a dome

and other techniques that will help you create many kinds of accessory pieces will be included in this lesson.

Look forward to pepe's unique meal dish arrangement as well!

"What are meal dishes?"
Even beginners asking this now will be able to confidently use meal dishes after this lesson!

Just by changing the color of the meal dish and changing the decorations added onto them, you can create accessories with different looks.

Lately, thanks to 100 yen stores, crafts stores, and online shops, you can buy many kinds of meal dishes. The scope of your designs is infinite too!

Meal dishes have amazing usability. Take this occasion to master its use, and apply your new skills to future crafts!
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