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2-1. Off (One color)

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About this video
It's a basic process so make it perfect!
A lecture on how to take off one color gel by keeping the nails cared.

In today's lesson we will lecture on how to take off one color gel in ryo's style.
Explanation will be done in salon work style; being conscious of civility and time-saving methods.

It is a daily process in a salon work to take off one color gel and nails with no parts

Are you handling the nail with care, when taking off the gel?

Today, ryo will be giving a lesson on how to take off gel in actual salon work practices.

He will show you the thorough but quick way of removing the gel,
to prepare the nails for the next step where the nails are prepared for applying art.

Other topics:

◆Recommended bit according to your level
◆Angle and speed of rotation of the bit
◆What to keep in mind, when putting a bit against the nails
◆How far to drill with a bit

These nail friendly gel removal techniques will be taught in the lesson.
Use this chance, to think about the ways to take off gel that you are used to.

The video will show you not only how to remove ordinary gel nails but
gels that are on the extended nails with acrylics and extension gel.

You could keep the extended nail for the next art,
which will lead to saving the overall time for the nail treatment.

Learn the tips and carefully take off the gel,
so that you can use the extended nail again for the next art!

ryo's quick and time saving method is a must-see!
Master the skills and use them on your salon work practices from today.
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