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One Stroke Gradation

171024 one stroke square 01
171024 one stroke square 02
Received the voice that it was hard to see the gradation, renewed.
More than 30 minutes lesson, we will show you how to arrange the gradation very easy to see ✨


You can solve the weak gradient design with this. Short-term Salon Work PublishingThis time, we will show you "One Stroke Gradation" to make it quickly and beautifully. Especially many nailists say gradation design is not good. Do you have troubles that it becomes uneven or that it takes time to reapply many times?

In this lesson, we explained the beautiful gradation design made by Saori Tanabe with the speed of the actual salon work clearly and spoken carefully.✨Please take a look like a tour of the nail salon. If you watch this video and practice it, you may love the gradation design.

{From Prof. Saori Tanabe
"In many of your questions and requests, I often said that "I’d like to see the actual treatment speed and the process of finishing all nails", so I'm happy to finally show off. Gradation design that can be combined with various arts should have many orders at any salon. Please do repeat it and practice it."