Wreath Designs with Green Vines

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Great for interiors!
We will be lecturing on how to make a light and soft wrapped wreath using artificial green vines and small flowers♪

In today's lesson, we will be using artificial vines and small flowers
to make a wreath with a fresh and soft look.

When the wreath is covered with leaves and flowers, it gives a refreshing impression to it.
However, it would not happen just by applying leaves and flowers.
But by wrapping it in a soft manner way, it would create a green wreath that would bring brightness to the room.

To make this type of wreath, there are tips on how to apply vines.
Keep in mind the tips and put the vines softly on to the wreath,
to create a natural looking and fashionable wreath.

Other techniques we lecture:

◆What to keep in mind to give its dimensions
◆Tips on how to give unity to the wreath on the whole
◆Rules on how to balance positions of the small flowers

TAKIZAWA will explain thoroughly on how to
make easy and fashionable wreaths even for beginners.

Green colored wreaths matches any type of room,
and is a great interior to match.

The fresh green will give an accent to the room.

After mastering how to make and balance out the leaves,
try adding different types of small flowers and nuts and fruits to it.

Depending on the colors of flowers and nuts and fruits,
the image of the wreath may vary, so try to make various types of wreath.

Master how to put ivy leaves on softly and try it on your own♪
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