Cross Stitch Pouch

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Kinomi's lecture on cross stitching method!
A lecture on a little unorthodox way of crocheting a pouch.

In today's lesson, Kinomi will be teaching
her cross stitching work, one of her most popular crochet pieces.

As she goes along the process, she will teach on how to cross stitch,
and how to change the colors of the frame, among other points to remember.

Adding originality to your pouch for everyday use, by crocheting in a special method!
You can choose your own choice of concho,
and try to attach it to the pouch by following the steps shown in the lesson.

You will be also learning:

◯Tips on how to line up the stitches in a mannerly way
◯How to stitch chunky single crochets on the brim
◯How to pull yarn through stitches neatly

and many more.

It may be a little challenging, but the instructor will lecture in details on
the order of the stitches, and tips on how to stitch beautifully!

In this lesson, you will be crocheting a pouch that can fit a large sized smart phone,
which you can arrange in your own preferable size.

If you master it, you can make any size of pouches!

Crochet it in a bigger size, and you can make a clutch bag,
and if you crochet it smaller, you can make a small pouch to carry inside your bag.

By matching different colors, you can create cross stitched pouches with different impressions.

At the end of the lesson, Kinomi
will also introduce other arrangements!

This would also be great for presents!
Master and create pouches in different colors and sizes.
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