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Crocheting a Fur Yarned Marché Bag

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Creating a marché bag with fur, a must-have item for autumn and winter!
This lesson explains how to create fur yarned marché bags.

This lesson describes how to crochet one of the necessary items for autumn and winter fashion,
a fur yarned marché bag.

Simply adding fur on a plain marché can create
a pleasant sense of season.

In this lesson, the marché bag will be decorated with fur yarn
through crocheting.

Kinomi, the instructor, will describe her way of attaching fur yarn
and explain any tips to make it as neat as possible.

She will also explain:

◆How to crochet marchés
◆How to create durable handles
◆How to make and attach double tassels
◆How to fasten conchos

in this lesson.

This comprehensive guide will start with crocheting marchés and continue all the way
to attaching conchos and tassels as finishing touches.

The techniques introduced such as attaching fur yarn, creating double tassels,
and fastening conchos can all be applied to other creations as well.

This lesson alone can significantly widen the range of your productions!

The instructor uses brown yarn in her lesson,
but the color arrangements are up to the creator.

It can be made in any color, including blue as shown in the photograph.

The color of the fur can also make a big difference
on the marché's overall impression.

Master the skills explained in this lesson,
and enjoy creating your own original fur yarn marchés!

If you are a beginner in crocheting marchés using yarn derived from T-shirts,
start with this lesson.