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A small tote bag "mini marche" ~ techniques for neat crocheting ~

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The perfect tutorial for beginners of T-shirt yarn crochet!
The lesson introduces you how to make a small tote bag called a "mini marche" in Japan by using basic crochet techniques.

In this lesson, the instructor makes a small tote bag
with T-shirt yarn by using basic crochet stitches.

T-shirts yarn is a material made by cutting a T-shirt into a thin thread.
"Yarn" means "thread" and it's an eco-friendly material.

Also, "marche" means "market" in French.
A basket bag for things bought from martkets is called a "marche bag".

Cotton tote bags are very popular nowadays.
They're frequently used by fashionable people as coordinate items
since they are not only light but also so stylish.

Isn't it great if you can make such a bag by yourself?

In this video, the instructor shows tips intended for T-shirt yarn beginners as well as those who simply find it too difficult.
She explains the way from scratch all the way to the end procedure of making handles.

The instructor carefully explains the steps to creating beautifully shaped bags.

Specifically, the tutorial includes pointers like:

♦︎ A suitable kind of T-shirt yarn for the bag and reasons why it’s suitable
♦︎ Tips for creating its cute round shape.
♦︎ Tips for making tight straight stiches
♦︎ How to join in new yarn when you run out of it.

Kinomi provides loads of information so that even T-shirt yarn crochet beginners
can create beautiful works.

Once you master how to make it, you can make your own arrangements freely
with different colors and sizes.

She explains how to crochet the bag and make its round shape.
Keep her logic in mind so that you can crochet any sizes you want without any confusion.

Enjoy making your original "mini marche"
with your favorite or seasonal colors, or with various decorations!