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【w/ PDF】Create Neat Letters Easily! Making Lettered Parts

0608 square 01
0608 square 02
Comes with a downloadable font desgin!
How to make the letters with royal icing will be explained.

How to make letters will be taught in today's lesson.
It comes with a PDF that you can download and use right away.

Making letters seem difficult to make...
you might have an image like this,
but by tracing the design, it can be made easily!

When you learn how to make the letters, candy heart cookies
and other various cookies can be made and it will broaden your artwork.

Put your friend's name in any shape and design cookie and give it as a present,
or put it over a simple design cookie and make it original.

The method of making the letter can be applied in other design cookies.

We will use royal icing for the letters, so the preparation is easy as well.

The good point is that we only need to prepare the ingredients
same as when we make the icing cookie.

We are using the red icing cream this time,
but you can change the colors depending on the impression you want to give.

Even if the font is the same, it will give a different impression by using different colors.

Please master and apply it in various artwork!

Once you master how to make the letters,
please try "How to Make a Cute Simple Candy Heart Cookie"
and complete the candy heart cookie!
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