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Floral Table Runner (Floral Decoration)

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Now that you've created the base, let's start with the actual decorations!
This time, we'll learn how to arrange the flowers on the floral table runner!

In this lesson, which is aimed at those who have already learned How to Make the Base, we'll be learning in detail the process of adding flowers to create the final arrangement.

The main floral arrangement will be placed at the most important table, where the bride and groom will sit.
It's a centrepiece that can really transform the atmosphere of the wedding.

We learned how to create the base of a floral table runner from Kiana in the first tutorial of this two-part series.
In this second lesson, we'll be learning how to arrange the flowers in the base we made such that the final product will look stunning.

We'll be learning:

◆what items we can use to ensure the flowers stay healthy and vibrant for as long as possible
◆how to add accents to the centrepiece
◆tricks on how to add dimension to the overall design
◆the key to making the floral arrangement come alive

amongst other things. This will be a lesson where we learn how to use flowers of all shapes, sizes and colors to create a final floral arrangement that comes together beautifully.

This floral table runner is a must-have piece to make any wedding event space extra special.

It'll be put on center stage in front of the bridal couple, so you'll really want to make it gorgeous and unlike anything else in the room.

Once you've mastered the basics of creating this floral table runner, feel free to use any flowers and plants you like to create your own original masterpiece.

It doesn't take very long at all to create this, so do try your hand at creating your own original work of art!
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