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Floral Table Runner (Mechanics)

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Learn how to create a floral table runner with Kiana, starting from the basics of creating the base and arranging the greenery and branches!

In this lesson, we'll be learning in detail how to create the perfect base for a floral table runner that can be displayed on the main table at a wedding event!

An installation is something that transforms an entire space into a work of art.
We'll learn how to create a piece of art that complements both the surroundings and the guests.

At a wedding, the atmosphere of the event space must not be overlooked.

The main floral decoration that runs along the entire length of the table where the bride and groom sit can make or break the atmosphere of the wedding.

So let's learn how to create the base of a beautiful floral table runner as well as the arrangement of branches and ferns.

We'll be learning:

◆how to use chicken wire to create a simple base
◆tricks on how to ensure that the base will be stable on the table
◆how to create movement in the arrangement

amongst other things. This will be a lesson packed full of important information on how to create the base before we move on to the actual floral arrangement.

In order to create a gorgeous floral arrangement that will wow the guests, first we have to create a solid base.

In addition to techniques like using only greenery and foliage to create a softer, delicate look, Kiana will introduce plenty of other tips on how to make this floral arrangement come alive.

Once you've mastered the basics of how to create the base, feel free to change up the arrangement of ferns and branches to achieve your preferred look.

Once you're done with this lesson, check out the next lesson How to Arrange the Flowers
Let's create a stunning, elegant floral centrepiece that will brighten up the entire wedding!
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