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Hand-Tied Bouquet (Wrapping and Ribbons)

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Now that we've learned how to create a wedding bouquet,
let's learn how to wrap it all together!

In this lesson, which is aimed at those who have already learned How to Create a Basic Wedding Bouquet, we'll learn how to wrap and hold the bouquet.

In the previous lesson, we learned in detail the best way to create a lovely yet natural bouquet.

And now, in this lesson, we'll move on to another important part in the process: how to wrap the bouquet.

It would be such a waste if we simply wrapped our bouquet without a care, so let's do our best to learn the best way to tie it so that it's as perfect as possible when we hand it over to the bride.

In this lesson, in addition to the best way to wrap the bouquet, we'll also learn:

◆how to tidy up the stems of each plant
◆what you should do once you've finished creating your bouquet
◆the best way to tie a perfect bow using your ribbon

amongst other things. We'll be learing how to make our bouquets look as beautiful as possible through Kiana's extremely detailed lesson.

In addition to that, Kiana will give us plenty of tips and tricks that will be useful in real life scenarios, such as ideas on how the bride should hold the bouquet.

In this lesson, we'll use a relatively simple wrapping method, so that our flower arrangement will stand out that much more.

Once you've mastered the basics of how to wrap a bouquet, you'll be able to create your own original designs.
You can also try changing the color and material of the ribbons to achieve the look you prefer.

Let's create our one and only special handmade wedding bouquet by learning how to wrap it beautifully ourselves!

Please take this chance to learn how to wrap your own original wedding bouquet with Kiana!
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