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Hand-Tied Bouquet (Creation)

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How to create the perfect bouquet for a wedding!
Kiana will teach us how to make a lovely garden style bouquet!

In this lesson, we'll be learning how to create a bouquet
that is sure to make the bride even more lovely!

A beautiful bouquet in the hands of a lovely bride is the finishing touch to a gorgeous wedding.

Kiana's wedding bouquet is made up not only of flowers, but also includes twigs and leaves, creating a lavish yet natural look.

There is a sense of refinement in the leaves that hang loosely yet elegantly from the bouquet.

In this lesson, we'll learn in detail how to create a bouquet that is both elegant and cute, using roses as the main element.

We'll learn:

◆the sequence in which we add flowers to the bouquet to maintain the overall balance
◆the trick to achieving a stunning arrangement that looks great from all angles
◆how to create depth in the arrangement

amongst other things. In this lesson, you'll be taught how to create an incredibly beautiful bouquet using tips and tricks you won't find anywhere else but here, with Kiana.

In addition to that, she'll also teach us the most important thing about creating hand-held bouquets,which are very different from flower arrangements meant to be displayed in vases.

Change the placement of a single flower or plant, and you can alter the look of a bouquet drastically.

Once you master the basics of creating a bouquet, you'll definitely be able to produce elegant and refined bouquets using flowers of any shape, size and color!

You can also try your hand at creating original bouquets meant for different wedding styles using different kinds of flowers and plants!

"I want to make my wedding special by making my own bridal bouquet!"
"I really want to make something special for this person who means so much to me!"

If you've ever had thoughts like that, don't pass up this chance to learn how to create a gorgeous bridal bouquet!
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