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Large-scale Urn Arrangement (Advanced)

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An advanced flower arrangement lesson using a flower vase!
This video will teach you how to create a large and fancy looking flower arrangement.

By using the flower arrangement created in the previous lesson "Garden style base arrangement for beginners",
Kiana will show you how to make the piece bigger and more special
by adding new colors and accent flowers.

In the previous lesson, you've mainly learned how to maintain a good balance
while creating a larger piece. In this lesson, you will learn how to make the piece even bigger
as well as achieving a lively movement.

Kiana explains how to incorporate unique colors and movement in her own style.

◆The shape of a flower that is suited to create a large horizontal movement
◆Where to place flowers to achieve a look of brimming flowers
◆How to keep both front and back of the piece nice and neat

The tips such as above are taught in the lesson for creating a unique base arrangement.

Watch and learn where and in which order Kiana arranges flowers
and use the techniques you learned for your own flower arrangement.

These techniques are very useful not only for creating a centerpiece,
but also creating all kinds of flower arrangements.

Once you master how to do the arrangement using the same flowers as Kiana,
try using your favorite flowers with different colors and shapes to make your original piece.

Enjoy using seasonal flowers to create an urn arrangement.

If you haven't watched the video for beginners, it is highly recommended.
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