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Large-scale Urn Arrangement (Simple)

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A large-scale flower arrangement using vessels for beginners!
Start with this lesson if you are new to flower arrangements!

This lesson covers how to create
large-scale flower arrangements using deep vessels.

The advantage of using deep vessels is that it doesn't require a kenzan.

Tall flower arrangements are sometimes thought as difficult to make,
but it is possible to create lovely arrangements if you learn
how to place the flowers in a way that maintains the overall balance.

The lesson mainly introduces how to create an organized arrangement
using flowers of different shapes and sizes.

Being a lesson for beginners, it demonstrates a simple design despite using various types of flowers.

By being aware of the key points of a well-organized arrangement,
you can include a variety of flowers and plants without making it complicated.

In addition, Kiana Underwood describes:

◆How to create a firm base for your arrangement
◆The importance of a firm base
◆Rules for creating a three-dimensional impression and movement.
◆The recommended amount of water in vessels

The points above are all important tips in creating flower arrangements.

Learn the order and the positions of flower placement in Kiana's works,
and try utilizing it in your own works too.

After mastering the procedures, try creating an arrangement with your own favorite flowers!

The principles of creating floral urn arrangements
are always the same, even with different types of flowers.

Once you complete the beginners' lesson, try the advanced lesson that covers how to further decorate your flower arrangements!
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