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Garden Style Centerpiece (Advanced)

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Centerpiece Advanced Level!
This lesson is on how to make a unique, flamboyant, garden-style centerpiece.

This lesson is a continuation of the lesson "Garden Style Centerpiece Elementary Level."
We will add new colors and accents to the centerpiece,
and make it more impactful.

In the previous lesson, we made a simple centerpiece using a compote flower vase.

Using that centerpiece, we will explain how to make it stand out even more by
giving it a Tulipina style touch, with a unique coloring.

◆Tips on how to express the garden style
◆How to create a unique mood
◆Good things to add to your arrangement

including the above, we will teach you how to make a centerpiece
that is different from others.

Learn the order in which Kiana adds her flowers,
and how she places them; make use of it in your own work.

Not only is this method useful when making a centerpiece,
but it is also valuable for making different types of arrangements.

The centerpiece is an item that brightens up the table just by putting it there.
On weddings or special days, decorate your table with the Tulipina style, fashionable garden-style centerpiece!

Change the size and such, and please use it in different occasions.
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