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Garden Style Centerpiece (Simple)

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After you've mastered the basics, take this lesson.
We will lecture you on how to make a garden-style centerpiece.

This is an elementary lesson on how to make the centerpiece.

For those of you have never made a centerpiece before,
Kiana will teach you how to arrange the flowers so you can fully
bring out the best in that centerpiece.

The centerpiece is a table ornament that is placed on the center of the table, and has a bit of height.
Just having the centerpiece on the table makes the table brilliant,
and brings together the entire table.

The centerpiece plays a crucial role in table decorations;
today's lesson will explain how to make it.

As an elementary level course, Kiana will teach you how to make the centerpiece, from the basics.

◆Points to consider when picking the color of the flower
◆The reason for setting the flowers at different heights
◆What to keep in mind when making the arrangement

including the above, we will lecture you on the points that Kiana deems important
when making the centerpiece.

Artistic sense is important when making flower arrangements,
but learning how Kiana combines different flowers,
and what colors of flowers she puts next to each other
may help you in your own work.

After you master it, try adding even more flowers to make an elaborate centerpiece,
and give "Garden Style Centerpiece Advanced level" a shot!
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