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Introduction to Garden Style Design

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This lesson is a must-see for those of you who are beginners at flower arrangements!
We will lecture you on the basics of flower arrangements using a flower vase and a pin frog.

This lesson is for those of you who do not have much experience using pin frogs for flower arrangements,
and we will lecture you on the basic knowledge and methods regarding the pin frog.

A pin frog consists of thick pins lined on top of a metal such as lead, and it is used to fix the base of the flowers.

Using a pin frog, you can arrange the flowers in different directions,
so it is a very convenient tool.

Since you make the arrangement by sticking the flowers in the pin frog, it has a very important role of supporting the entire work.

This lesson will teach you how to prepare the pin frog, how to place it in the vase,
and the basics techniques, while actually making the arrangement.

◆How to beautifully arrange the flowers
◆The order of flower arrangement when using the pin frog
◆Tips on how to balance the flowers well
◆How to give it three dimensionality

including the above, tips and points to be careful of when making
any flower arrangement will be explained.

Once you master it, you can apply it to a wide variety of work,
so beginners should master it, and try it for yourselves.

For those of you who are more experienced, listening to what Kiana keeps in mind
while arranging her flowers should help you in your own work.

Once you master the basics, move on to a more advanced lesson,
making a garden style centerpiece!
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