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Basics of Metal Parts

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Beginner crafters start here!
This lesson will teach you the necessary techniques for making accessories!

This lesson will go over the basics of using metal parts. It's perfect for those who are just starting to make handmade accessories.
The necessary skills for accessory making will be taught with detail!

Why not make your heartfelt pieces of work into accessories?

Earrings, necklaces, and other accessories are a popular and practical kind of handmade craft.

Once you learn the basics of using metal parts, you'll be able to create unique accessories out of your favorite design. They can be great gifts too!

Mastering these skills will widen the scope of your handmade crafts!

◆How to use flat and round pincers
◆How to use T pins and eye pins
◆How to open triangle and round jump rings
◆How to use lobster clasps and chain extensions

These and many other important accessory-making tips will be included in this lesson.

"What are pliers?"
"What are we supposed to use lobster clasps for?"

Common beginner questions like these will be answered in detail as you learn how to properly use metal parts.

Even experience crafters ask themselves,
"Am I using this piece correctly?"
This is a great review lesson for them as well.

Master the proper ways of using metal parts, and you'll accessory quality is sure to improve!
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